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Charity Outreach Update - Thailand

John Davis

On Nov. 29-30, 2017, John delivered several art easels and 50 sets of coloring books to the Phuket Special Education Center in Thailand. The books were designed by our featured artist, Patrick J. Maguire and the students were excited to have the new books with unique shapes for coloring in. Having previously drawn on tables or the floor, the new easels gave the students the feeling of being a real artist. 

The school, established over 15 years ago, currently has over 60 students enrolled aged 2 to 17 with various disabilities. 

In February 2018, John delivered additional art easels to the school and assisted the school management with project planning for a new shopfront to be built in front of the school (site shown below) that will be used for vocational training to disabled students and self-sustainable income for the school. 

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