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May Donation Update

John Davis

May 2019: On a recent visit to Tianjin, Gifts4Humanity Founder, John Davis made a visit to the Tianjin Jian Hua Autism Training Center to meet with the center's Director, Miss Tang and to give her a 300rmb donation.

Now with NGO status, for the past 23+ years Tianjin Jian Hua has helped over 1,000 young students with special needs to gain confidence, overcome their disabilities and live a better life.

Currently with 45 students enrolled during the normal school year, Jian Hua still has approx. 85 children on waiting lists along with practical needs to update and improve classroom equipment and teaching aides.

“In China, Autism is known as “The Loneliness Disease” due to the virtually non-existent support and resources and the rejection by their own society. Organizations such as Jian Hua, are only allowed to have students enrolled to age 8, at which stage they must return home or enter the public school system. Thus it is paramount that the teachers use the most time-efficient and effective tools to help the students develop life skills to the highest possible level so they can continue to progress and learn in the public education system and survive in the community.  Everything matters and little things go a long way.” – John Davis

Art therapy is now recognized as one of the most effective tools in building character and confidence in students and adults suffering from autism. Through artistic activities, both mental and emotional growth is encouraged with the ultimate aim of building life skills, addressing problem behaviors and promoting healthy self-expression.

Supporting Tianjin Jian Hua since 2010, we have raised over 500,000rmb in funds and equipment for the center. In August 2015 John Davis along with Patrick J. Maguire (London) and local artists Aidong Feng and Klaus Zhang donated several art easels to the Art Therapy Program. One young student said "Wow, I feel like a real artist now". 

We continue to support the Tianjin center with funds generated from art product sales on Gifts4Humanity.Com - Your support is greatly appreciated. 

If you would like more detailed information please feel free to contact John via the "GET IN TOUCH" form on our website.  

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