We are pleased to introduce you to our founder and our group of creative contributors:
JOHN DAVIS - Founder - East West Artisans and Gifts4Humanity
In 1989 John migrated from California to Australia. Since 2003 John has spent his time across Australia, Singapore and China supporting art therapy for special needs and social enterprise projects. John's vision behind Gifts4Humanity is to provide sustainable support for those in need across Australia and Asia.
Autism support is especially close to John's heart as two of his grandchildren are challenged with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome.
The Gifts4Humanity platform was created to provide a vehicle where artists and other creatives can contribute their works to worthy causes and customers can buy high-quality art and lifestyle products while knowing a potion of their purchase will be used to support marginalized groups across the Asia region -with the promise of Ethical-Trade No-Exploitation adhered to standards.
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 Our Creative Contributors 

Aidong Feng - Double Mouth Village, China
Born in the late 50's in Double Mouth Village, 100 kilometers east of Beijing, this highly acclaimed artist was first inspired by his father's paintings of patriotic scenes depicting the passions of the revolution in China.
Internationally known for his "Peasant Paintings", Feng's artworks are filled with color, amazing detail and a sense of humor in praise of his motherland, life in the rural village, harmony and honest prosperity.
At the age of 18, Feng placed 1st among 35,000 entrants in his first District Art Competition. Now displayed in the Art Museum of China, the China Folk Art Museum and featured in numerous national documentaries and major art publications, Feng's artworks have placed in the Top 3 on several occasions for National Awards over the past ten years.
Given the inspiration and encouragement by his high school teacher to achieve his artistic dreams, Feng takes time from his daily painting to instruct elementary students in Double Mouth Village so they too can pursue their artistic creativity.
Aidong is a major contributor in developing our Art Therapy Coloring Kit. 
Patrick J. Maguire - London, United Kingdom
His story has been featured in the Oscar Winning Movie "In The Name of the Father" and he is the author of the top selling book "My Father's watch - The Story of a Child Prisoner in 70's Britain". Patrick, one of the infamous "Maguire Seven" was wrongly imprisoned in 1976 and later declared innocent in 1991.
 Mr. Maguire, jailed at the young age of 14, had the color ripped away from his life and while he was pressured to make a coerced confession. stood his ground with "I can't sign". 
 The inspiration for his art comes from many directions - at times listening to classical music - he links his strokes of pen to paper to times of trauma and the memory of a childhood that was colorful and carefree. Now, as truly "One Out From the Darkness" his art, at times haunting, yet bold and concise symbolizes his emotions and hopes.
In 2016, Patrick traveled to Tianjin, China to sponsor and support the EWA "Building Bridges-Building People" Art Therapy Support for Autism Project. His support and contribution to this worthy cause is greatly appreciated. 
Patrick is also a major contributor in developing our Art Therapy Coloring Kits.
Jose Martinez - London / Singapore

Born in Britain, José Martinez is a favourite at Singapore Contemporary Art Show and Affordable Art Fair Singapore. He invites his audience to experience the explosive energy of the world’s famed mega-cities including New York, London and Tokyo and of course, Asia. Well known for his exuberant, fearless approach and powerful art creations of cityscapes, landmarks, and architecture, his art is as timeless as it is contemporary. Impressionist realism, abstract, deconstruction or unique one-of-a kind commission, Jose’s art is bold, vibrant and intelligent. José Martinez was born in 1967 and currently divides his time between England and Singapore.


Jose supports Gifts4Humanity with dedicated Art Works to provide increased donations to our beneficiaries. 


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Yang Gallery, Singapore and Beijing
The Chimera Gallery, Ireland
Hammer and Nails Gallery, Singapore,  The Deck, Singapore
Goshen Art Gallery, Singapore
Singapore Contemporary Art, 2017
Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, 2017
Singapore Contemporary Art, 2016
Affordable Art Fair, Singapore, 2016

Sold Work In Singapore 2018:

'Wet afternoon in NYC' Oil on Canvas 24x24 inches US$3,500

'So long Frank Lloyd Wright' Oil on Canvas 24x24 inches US$3,500

'Red Night in NYC' Oil on Canvas 24x24 inches US$3,500


Sold Work In Ireland (Chimera Gallery, Mullingar) 2018:

'Silver New York 1' Oil on Canvas 24x24 inches US$3,200

'Grey New York 1' Oil on Canvas 24x24 inches US$2,900

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