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Our philosophy and mission is straightforward - we believe in first giving back to the local community where we work and live. Often our next door neighbors are those in need who are disabled, disadvantaged and/or marginalized.


Our mission aim is to be the preferred online platform delivering high-quality excellent value products to consumers around the globe and a vehicle to market for charity-minded creatives - built upon a sustainable Social Enterprise for Profit business model with People, Planet then Profit as our primary focus. 



Since 1999, this private registered NGO has helped over 1,000 children. They employ Special Needs Certified Teachers to provide a Teacher to Student ratio of 1:3.
The Tianjin Jian Hua Autism Training Center has over 40 enrolled students with approximately 80 more on the waiting list. They help young children aged 2-9 overcome challenges experienced with Autism so that they can prepare for and progress to the next stage in the education system. 
The center's main focus is to help the child overcome challenges and aid in their development and living skills which includes:
Noise Sensitivity.
Sleep Problems and other Restlessness Issues.
Sensory Issues and Social World Navigation.
Mood Stability and Behavior Control.
Physical Fitness Challenges for People with Autism.
Executive Function and Mental Coordination.
Artistic Expression and Daily Living Activities.
    We produce (in-house with our staff) Limited Edition Prints, Coasters and Calendars from photos of the Original Art Work that was painted by the children in the Tianjin Jian Hua Autism Training Center, Tianjin, China.
    The young students, at times with the teachers assistance, hand painted the original drawings either by free hand or with the help of a template. 
    When you purchase a product from the "Supporting Art Therapy" collection, 30% of the sale will be donated to the center so they can purchase equipment and materials to support their Art Therapy Program and/or cover other operational expenses.
    Some of our past outreach projects for the Autism Training Center:
    August 2016: Along with Patrick Maguire who traveled from London, and two other local artists, we provided several double sided high-quality art easels and ran a two-day art activity program with the artists on hand to coach and encourage both the students and their parents......
    2017: We purchased and donated several Light Boards to help improve the art therapy program.......
    2010 to 2016: From Hair Cut Events, Appreciation Days and Dinners, we were able to raise over 450,000rmb ($70,000usd) in financial support for the training center.........


    While based in Singapore from November 2016 to January 2019, we identified several charities with "Institute of Public Character" status.  We continue to support these worthy causes with revenue generated from sales on Gifts4Humanity.Com and ad-hoc fundraising events. 
    Here's a snapshot of some of the charities and our recent outreach activities in Singapore.........
    Beyond Social Services - Singapore extends support programs to sub-poverty and disadvantaged or marginalized families and youth across Singapore. 
    Along with past Christmas-in-a-Shoebox and Art Activity Days, we currently continue to support a Beyond Social Enterprise - Baking Mothers who use baked goods to help support their families
     To date we have helped raise approx S$2,000 to assist the Baking Mothers with their Social Enterprise. 
    More donation updates can be found in our Blog Section. 
    With the help of volunteers from the ChangeMakers Group we have held several art activity stalls at Riding for Disabled in Singapore and have raised approx S$1,200 to help support their Equine Therapy Programs.

    Asia and Australia

    In August 2018, with a generous donation from Ms. Ebden, we were able to deliver several double sided art easels and coloring books to the Phuket Special Education School and to the Tianjin Autism Training Center.  
    We are currently seeking charities in Australia to extend our support to. Keep an eye here for more news to come.....
    "Thank you to all our supporters and supply partners for making this outreach possible." - John Davis