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Local Market - Ji Shi (Gouache Original) by Aidong Feng

Aidong Feng

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Local Market - Ji Shi (Gouache Original) by Aidong Feng

“Local Market (Ji-Shi)”  by Aidong Feng (丰爱东) Gouache Original painted in Double Mouth Village, Tianjin, China  

Painting Size: 16" x 12"

Frame Size: 18" x  14"   

Circa: December 2016

Medium: Gouache on Chinese Artist Paper                                            

Solid Timber frame without matt border made in Australia and professionally mounted in Sydney supporting Local Business. 

This Original was commissioned for GIFTS4HUMANITY in December 2016 and is now part of our Sydney Gallery Stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Aidong Feng: Internationally known for his "Peasant Paintings", Feng's artworks are filled with colour, amazing detail and a warm sense of humour in praise of his motherland, life in the rural village, harmony and honest prosperity.

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