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Lucky Coins 30cmx30cm Canvas Clock by John Davis

John Davis

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Lucky Coins 30cmx30cm Canvas Clock by John Davis

Hand crafted with acrylics and mixed media on round canvas with plywood back support. 

An Original and One-of-a-Kind creation, only one is available. (custom orders happily accepted)

This clock was made using acrylic flow art and finished with antique Chinese coins.

Smooth and Silent Quartz clock movement. 

Ready to hang or can be displayed on tabletop with standard plate stand.  

Finished in clear lacquer for easy cleaning and long lasting vibrant colour. 

Fair & Ethical Trade Hand-crafted in Singapore by GIFTS4HUMANITY Founder, John Davis

Want to see how they're made? We welcome you to watch the "Canvas Clocks" video located after our BLOG section on our website

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